A responsible action plan providing structure and direction

A clear vision

By 2020, Québec—with its abundant supply of clean, affordable energy—will be an electric transportation leader and sustainable mobility trailblazer.

Plan d'action

April 22 2016

Major policy directions

  • Favoriser le transport électrique

    Encourage electric transportation

    Encourage individuals and businesses to consider solutions other than gas-powered vehicles for their travels, namely electric vehicles.

  • Développer la filière industrielle

    Build an industrial base

    Boost research potential in an emerging technology base and develop an innovative electric transportation manufacturing sector that can compete globally.

  • Environnement favorable

    Create the right environment

    Foster an environment conducive to electric transportation (legal and regulatory framework) and make Québec a shining example.

Objectives and targets

Transportation electrification will make Québec:

More prosperous thanks to investment and job creation in the manufacturing and research sectors and the savings generated by reducing our dependence on oil through the increased use of Québec-produced electricity (improved trade balance)

Cleaner by replacing oil with renewable energy, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality, and cutting noise pollution. A leader by making it one of the world’s sustainable transportation and economy bellwethers

  • + 100 000 cars

    Increase the number of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles registered in Québec to 100,000

  • – 150 000 tons

    Fight climate change and cut annual greenhouse gas emissions by 150,000 tons in the transportation sector

  • – 66 million

    Reduce the amount of fuel used each year in Québec by 66 million liters and improve Québec’s trade balance

  • + 5 000 jobs

    Add 5,000 electric vehicle jobs and generate $500 million in investments


35 initiatives